new website, change of blog

It's been almost a year since my last post and lots of new things happened. It took awhile, but finally my new website is online. I used to have a different site, webshop and blog, now it's all together on one site.
So I will stop posting on this blog, please go here for my new blog.
And I also found a new studio together with Bonne. Pictures will be posted soon on my new blog!
Thanks for visiting this blog and hope to welcome you on my new blog!


IJM, Lintje

and some days later with Lintje

IJM, landscapes

at IJM, making preparations for a photoshoot and tidying up


at IJM

still lifes by coincidence at IJM

in the meantime at IJM

storage of wooden panels, painted and decorated


Recently I got a nice comment from Hermine on my post about Gent. She made a picture of the same poster, but then it was still in one piece.


Happy 2012

Happy New Year!
I miss my blog, so one of my New Year's resolutions is to post more often. The last couple of months have been so hectic, but were also great. This year I hope to find more rythm in my work, so I will have more time for doing other nice things.

And thanks for all your nice comments last year!



Starting from tomorrow lovely sisters Bep and Siska will have their first pop-up store in Antwerp for three days.

They will sell work from young designers from Belgium and the Netherlands.

My work will be present as well. For more information and a list of designers check out their facebookpage. And you need to have an invitation! I think you can get it at their facebookpage or send me a message and I will give you one.

Pity I'm not in Antwerp this weekend, I think it will be sooo nice..




Pictures taken in Gent last September while celebrating my fathers birthday with my boyfriend, my father, mother, sister and her boyfriend. We had a very nice weekend, walked a lot around, had nice food and stayed at a fantastic guesthouse.

DDW in Eindhoven

These pictures I took in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week at the end of October. Very nice to be there again and to meet some old friends.

new work

It's been awhile since my last post. After the fair Meesterlijk things got so busy.
New shops! (see the list) and I'm working two days at BonBonBoutique at Trunk.
Finally everything is settling down. I like being in the shop, it's so nice to meet people and hear comments.
And I hope to update my shop very soon with my new products.