When I was in Antwerp last week with my boyfriend we went to a few stock sales.
I had never visited those before, and I really liked it.
The yarn I bought at the stock sale from Stephan Schneider and the fabrics are from Dries van Noten.



Today is my birthday!

photography: Karin Nussbaumer for Vogue Bambini
styling: Frank Visser
petitfours: made by me


This weekend I visited Antwerp together with my boyfriend. We had a great and lazy weekend full of wandering around, seeing beautiful shops and a lovely exhibition about paper clothes at the MoMu.


black bird

This bird I found in a garage sale in Detroit, while visiting a close friend of mine. I thought it would look nice in a photograph, and so it did. Frank did the styling, and Mirjam Bleeker took the picture.

trees on a wall

Yesterday I was in the studio of Frank to talk about a project. I took the opportunity to take a picture of this drawing, which I made a couple of months ago for a photoshoot.
The trees are made of paper. The structure of the wall makes a nice background.



Today I started working on a new series of petitfours rings. The ones, that are shown on the pictures, I made for Rietveld naar de Beurs in 2004 ( a fair during whitsun, organised by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy). Because I often use vintage buttons, some rings are sold out. A good reason to make a new serie.


porcelain tree

I made a series of necklaces with handmade porcelain medaillons. This one has a green glass bead and a silver flower added to it.
The necklaces are for sale in our studio/ showroom. (Studio BonBon)


on my way ...


Yesterday I walked from Eindhoven Station to my job in a milk factory. I don't work there as often as I used to do, because of my work for IJM and because I invest much more time in my jewelry. But I still like the work though, it has nothing do with what I learned or what I do now, but it just feels good to be there.
These pictures I took on my way to work, I made a small detour to see my boyfriend Erik, who is working on a project together with Dave.
Dave has his own studio in Eindhoven, but in May they both move to a really nice studio in Amsterdam together with other designers and artists.



Last week I was cycling to our shop when I came across the most beautiful flowershop in Amsterdam: PomPon. I couldn't leave without some flowers for our house.



Bonne and I showed and sold our work yesterday at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. We had a lot of fun and we hope to be doing more of these markets in the near future. I'll keep you informed on my blog or check http://www.studio-bonbon.blogspot.com/.
Some of these drawings I used as a decoration for my jewelry boxes.


Mumbai textiles 2

all pictures taken by myself during a trip in Mumbai, India



These decorations I made for the lovely wedding of Ilse and Mischa. She looked gorgeous in her pink dress. I was very touched by being at the actual wedding. It was truly something to remember. And I never thought that a wedding could be so much fun to help organize.

The flowers are a simple version of the onces I made for IJM, which were for sale during Open Days at the studio. I will post pictures of those later this week.



This brooch I made several years ago, but it is still one of my favourite brooches...