IJM Colour-Spots (2)

IJM Colour-Spots

Last Friday we went to the opening of the temporary shop/ showroom from IJM Colour-Spots in the Hartenstraat (one of the nine streets) in Amsterdam. It was a wonderful evening, nice people and good food (from Marlein). The building is amazing, the shop is downstairs, but if you walk to the back a staircase leads you to many more rooms, even an attic (not open to public). I was amazed the first time I was there. It felt a little bit like a treasury box, behind each door there was another room. For the opening IJM decorated each room, showing the different colours and combinations of paint.

It's open for public till the end of May. you can find more information here

Op Voorraad at the LLoyd Hotel

There is a new exhibtion from Op Voorraad. I'll be showing this brooch.
On Monday May 2 there will be lectures from Jeannette, Jantje en Ineke (they are the creators and organizers of Op Voorraad) and some participating artists will give lectures as well.
Please note it starts at 20.00, not at 21.00. (time on the invitation)

more information can be found here, the online shop can also be found there


Detroit, at Cranbrook

"still lifes" at Cranbrook, at the 3D department


sample sale at Everyday is a day to be Beautiful

This Friday and Saturday from 12.00 till 18.00 there will be a sample sale at the shop from Charlotte Wooning; Every day is a day to be beautiful.

hoogstraat 8a
3011 pn rotterdam


Detroit, estate sale finds

These items I found at the estate sale. I have some more very nice items, but don't have pictures of these yet. (you can also see the boats here, as mentioned in my first post about this sale)

Detroit, estate sale (3)

Detroit, estate sale (2)

Detroit, estate sale (1)

In Detroit there are a lot estate sales, often from people who can't afford their houses anymore. I went together with Iris to an estate sale from an old lady that passed away. (I think at the age of 85) It was strange to be able to see and buy everything in the house, but it was good to know it wasn't the house of somebody who had to sell everything involuntary. I think that would have felt more awkward. The house looked very messy, but that was mainly because the people who organised this sale took everything out of the cupboards. The owner used to work as an archivist. She was very tidy. I found two wooden handmade boats with handwritten stickers when they were made. I also found an old piece of lace with several notes attached to it; where the lace came from, where it was used for later and even what a family member said about it. I think this gives you an idea how organised she was. The house itself was quite old to Detroit standards. I think it hadn't changed all these years, even in the rooms from her sons you could still feel how it must have looked in their youth.

Detroit, CSS (2)

Detroit, CSS

Visiting CSS ( an artschool) for a short introduction to iron pouring. The students from Cranbrook were invited to work with this technique. It sounded very nice, but I think it is also quite tough work to do.

Detroit, trees at Cranbrook

Detroit, Sarah (3)

Detroit, Sarah (2)

Detroit, Sarah

Wednesday 30 March I returned from Detroit. It was great to be there, to see Iris these days and to meet all the students. I still have some pictures I would like to show you. I'll start with these, taken on the birthdayparty of Sarah.


Lauren Manoogian

Work from Lauren Manoogian. I'm always surprised when I see her new collections. The way she uses materials and colours is wonderful. She has now clothes and scarves as well in her collection. (these images I found on Maryam Nasser Zadeh, great webshop with more designers with beautiful work)



Before I went on a short holiday to Detroit I received this wonderful package from Christine.
She wrote me an e-mail sometime ago, we met in Rotterdam at the Swanmarket and stayed in touch since.

Christine/ twinklebird has a small studio in Culemborg. She makes very delicate jewelry.

It's all made by hand from silver or gold. I think it's pretty amazing she made the hare (and other animals) by hand out of wax. It's something I couldn't do myself, it's very precise work and beautifully done.

I'm very happy we exchanged jewelry. I got this lovely ring with a hare. Love wearing this ring. Here you can see what she got from me.