necklace with a bird

Long necklace with a silver bird, a mother of pearl bead and a handmade porcelain medaillon.
I recently made new porcelain pieces in the studio of Mara. She makes beautiful work.
She has been a great help, she taught me how to work with ceramic and I can use her ceramic oven.


Handmade with cotton and a silver heart or button.

ceramic rings

Last week two girls visited our studio. When they saw all the porcelain pieces on my table they wondered why I didn't make rings. So here they are. I want to continue with this idea and make different ones as well.



Fedor makes the most beautiful installations with "hanging" flowers and plants. He shapes the roots and earth with a rope. Somehow I didn't manage to take good pictures, but at his website you can see more. (have a look at his small films as well, especially "slak" I liked a lot)

Studio IJM (2)

studio IJM

Just came back from a visit to Studio IJM, which will be open for public during Inside Design. They made a beautiful presentation. Loved the flowers of Fedor, the installations and the colours that were used. No need to tell more, just have a look at the pictures...



Three more weeks to go, and then I finally quit working at the milk factory. It feels good to make a new start and to choose for my own work. But at the same time I'm definitely going to miss it. This is the room where I used to drink my tea during short breaks.



I loved making these brooches. (and this one as well) Having a lot of material on my table and then making different combinations, just as long untill I found the right shape. I think it would be nice to make a new serie.

Studio Violet

Today I ordered these two beautiful prints from Elisabeth Dunker and Camilla Engman. They work together as Studio Violet . Unfortunately I missed the selling of the porcelain collections. Everything they make is wonderful, have a look yourself at their website or follow their blog: http://www.studioviolet.blogspot.com/.