These necklaces I made for the (selling) exhibition Op Voorraad. It will be open for public during two weekends, Saturday 19, Sunday 20 and Saturday 26, Sunday 27 September. Have a look at their blog for more work and information.
The necklaces are made of wood, leather string, silk and silver chain. The fabric I found in Antwerp at the Dries van Noten stocksale.


family pictures

Recently I found some negatives in a collection of pictures from my grandmother. I like that they all look different in colour. And you see so many other details. This dress looks beautiful...


New York

These pictures were taken on my first trip to New York and the States. I had butterflies in my stomach, I never had thought I would love being there so much.
I made these pictures with an analog camera. There are some impurities, I think my camera wasn't working that good anymore. But in the end I miss my analog camera, the surprise you got when you got your pictures back... I'm even considering buying a new one.


While looking for some old pictures I came across this one of our cat Robbie. Love it... We had a kind of pink colored cat litter,that's why his paws are pink as well. Looked very adorable..