Drenthe (3)

Drenthe (2)

Remember this post? In October last year my boyfriend and I visited his family. I showed you some pictures of our visit to L. and H. And these are pictures from our visit to his other aunt and uncle, A. and H.
They have an huge shed, where probably nothing has changed in the last years. Very nice to see. The next post shows some more pictures.

Studio BonBon

Bye Studio BonBon !
Bonne and I decided to close the shop last weekend. We could have stayed until the end of February, but because we are both very busy making new plans, we felt it was better to stop now.
It were 2 amazing years, I will miss Bonne. It was so nice to share a shop and studio with her. It helped me to develop my style and work. I'm also going to miss the talks with customers.

Bonne is moving to a new atelier soon, and I have been working at my new studio since the beginning of January. (at IJM)

Bonne: http://www.bonbonboutique.nl/


impressions of the fair (2)

and have a look here for more pictures from the fair and also from studio IJM

impressions of the fair (1)

dresses from Maki, hanging flower from Fedor, camping site from Elsa, Marleen and Arden.

(took my old camera to the Fair, the pictures didn't turn out very well, the lightning wasn't that good, but I think you get an idea how beautiful it looked. And I didn't manage to take a good photograph from my garlands)

IJM colour spot (2)

IJM colour spot

Last week I've been working on garlands and "necklaces" for IJM.
IJM showed a new collection of paint at the children's trade fair De kleine fabriek in Amsterdam.
I painted paper with paint from the collection, only the pink and the bright red were already like that. Shown here is my temporary work space.


Wednesday: walking in the dunes near Wassenaar together with Sophie, felt a bit like sneaking away from work, but very nice to do once in a while.


studio IJM

Last week I moved to my new atelier: a work space at studio IJM. I can use a very nice space, some kind of attic. I'll show you some pictures once I'm finished giving all my materials and equipment a good place.
I will be working there on my own jewelry, but will also do work for Frank.
On these pictures you can see some sketches for garlands (for a magazine) and paper "jewelry" that will be used for a fair next week.
I made myself a temporary workspace in the studio. When I'm working for studio IJM, I always like to be in the studio itself, so I can be surrounded with colours and materials. When I work on my jewelry I will be working in my own studio at the "attic".

Bonne and I will close our shop end of February, until then I'll only be working there on Sundays. Bonne will be there mainly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
It's a pity we have to leave, but we're also both excited about what will come next.

Wish you all a Happy New Year!