gallery visit

Anne-Lise Coste at Susanne Hilberry Gallery


had to post this one... my other pictures don't show very typical american things

my room at Cranbrook



Detroit (2)



this week I'm in Detroit visiting Iris at Cranbrook University


ijm colours

random set of colours at studio IJM
and have a look here to order your own IJM colours (only in Dutch)



my thoughts go to Japan these days
Hiki from Uguisu (shop+blog) and blog jollygoo lives in Tokyo. Luckily she is doing fine, but it's hard to imagine what she and all Japanese people must be going through right now.
She decided to donate half of the purchased amount in her shop to the Red Cross Japan.
read her text here.


factory (2)

factory (1)

While looking for images of my work I stumbled upon these images I made on my last day at the milkfactory. (in October 2009)
Sometimes I still miss to walk around in the factory, to hear the noise of the machines, to be part of some kind of working system and to work together with colleagues.


lennebelle, exchange

Last Sunday Eva and I had a stand at Swanmarket. It was a very, very cold day, but the sun was shining and we enjoyed talking to friends visiting us. I also met Lenneke for the first time. I've been following her blog for a while now and we had e-mail contact. It was very nice to meet her in real. We swapped jewelry. You can see on her blog what she got from me, and I got this beautiful necklace. She will make a project out of exchanging, like the idea.

I also met Christine from Twinklebird. She wrote me an e-mail sometime ago and since then we stayed in touch. I'll write about her work soon, it's very special.



Besides having a wonderful blog called alittlehamster, Lenneke also makes beautiful jewelry. I love her signature tassels. The packaging is very original and gives it even more a personal touch. I always like it when a collection shows a personal taste and style, and her collection definitely has that. On my blog (see beautiful webshops) you can find a link to her shop, but you can also find it here.

How it's made and why it's so fucking expensive (2)

A selection of work that will be shown at DEK22. Click on the images for more information about the designer or here.

How it's made and why it's so fucking expensive (1)

Duran/ Vanderpoort organised a new exhibition. I will be showing and selling necklaces and

Exhibition Dek22


Sometimes people wonder why designer products are ‘so expensive’. But not everybody realizes that in order to get to a good product, the designer often took a long, time consuming , and sometimes expensive path before arriving at the final product. Think about materials costs, various experiments, prototyping etc.
This exhibition at the renowned Dek22 gallery space in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will highlight the works of fifteen artists and designers, with a heavy focus on the process they went through. By showing the steps from initial idea to final product, the public will not only gain an insight in the artistic process behind the design, but it will also come to appreciate the poetic side of this process. Learning about the failures, the dead ends, and the u-turns which preceded most successful designs, will add depth and value to the works on view.

A shop will be open during the exhibition, where the works of the represented artists are for sale. These works are often hand-crafted by the designers and are one-offs or limited editions. Most of the exhibited works are available for sale as well.

Official Opening 4th of March, 17.00h

Opening hours: March 4 2011 - March 27 2011Thursday - Sunday14.00h - 18.00h


Willem Buytewechstraat 22

Puur Anders

These beautiful brooches are from Miranda Van Dijk as seen on her blog.
She used old (family) pictures to make these delicate leaves from cotton. It's also possible to send her an old family picture of your own.
The collection is called Hidden Memories.
Puur Anders is also a participant of Swanmarket.


Together with Eva (Schreuder) I will be showing and selling my work at Swanmarket, Rotterdam. I think it is going to be very nice. Have a look here for the list of participants and more information.