Maeve Magazine

Hooray! One of my pieces is featured in Maeve Magazine. Belinda (she has a beautiful blog) submitted finds. Very happy that she choose my brooch as well. It's quite small on this image, but here you can see it bigger.


Impressions of Eindhoven, Piet Hein Eek

Amazing new studio from Piet Hein Eek in a former ceramic factory. The restorated building has a shop with products from Piet Hein Eek, but also from other designers. There is a showroom, a workshop (which wasn't ready yet) and a restaurant, which will be open all year.
It was one of the highlights this year at the DDW. I also liked how he and his team presented the work. It wasn't pretentious as some other work I've seen.

Impressions of Eindhoven, Ilona Huvenaars

Presentation and work space from Ilona Huvenaars. She presented her work during the DDW in Eindhoven. We also visited her beautiful studio, so much light. Great place to work. Her studio is in TAC, an interesting place with studios from many other designers.


Impressions of Eindhoven, Onomatopee (2)

In a former textile factory (Schellens, link is in Dutch) Onomatopee presented Pre-Specifics: Access X!.
The exhibition was designed by Dave Keune. I think his design alone was worthwhile to have a look. The blue worked very well in this space. I was told later, that this room was used to dye textiles. I'm curious what will happen with this building in the future.

Impressions of Eindhoven, Onomatopee (1)

Last Friday we went to Eindhoven, to the Dutch Design Week. There was so much to see, so we made a selection. Over the years this event really changed. It started with the Graduation Show from the Design Academy. At first the presentation was in Amsterdam, but when they started showing the graduation in Eindhoven, many other designers were opening their ateliers to show work. Now it is a big event. I really hope that Eindhoven will cherish it's old industrial buildings. That makes the city so interesting. I enjoyed seeing all kinds of work, but I loved visiting those old buildings the most. I think the combination of design and nostalgia makes it work.
I will be showing you work from the DDW in the next posts and days.

Starting with Onomatopee. I'm not really good in explaining what Onomatopee does, so please have a look at their site. They publish very interesting and beautifully designed books.
They had a presentation in two different spaces. We first went to their office space, where Sophie was preparing her project Field Essays. Later that day she gave a lecture.
At the office there was a small exhibition, a table with publications and a temporary cafe.
After drinking some tea together with Sophie, we went to another space, not far from their office. will tell you more in my next post


It was nice to see Bas again. It's been ages since I last saw him. We started at the Design Academy in the same year and in the same class. After our graduation we kept in touch, though with the years it became less frequent.
He has his own studio in Rotterdam. It was funny to still recognize some things from his workspace/ house in Eindhoven.

Enlightenment, opening

Had a very nice evening in Rotterdam last Saturday. First we went to the opening of Enlightenment. It was smaller than I imagined, but I liked the work very much. It was difficult to take pictures, because of the artficial lightning. So I'll only show you a few. (I thought there would be a big installation from sugar branches, but I must have misunderstood, though you could buy branches, which looked beautiful in sugar)
After this opening we went to the studio of Bas to have a drink. I'll show you in my next post.

picture 1: Marieke van der Bruggen
picture 2: Ontwerpduo
picture 3: Natascha Madeiski and Alexander Graef