presentation at IJM (2)

Final pictures of the Open Days at IJM. It was so nice to work at IJM again. It had been quite a while since I last worked there. I might do/ hope to do some more projects in the future. Will tell you all about it when that happens.

presentation at IJM

Garlands, flat shapes and drawings on a panel. This one I made on day 5 and 6. Frank suggested to cut it in three, and it worked really well.

my work at IJM

A collection of my work before presentation. After I made the garlands, I sew houses and shapes from fabric. Later I ironed them to made them flat.

Mieke Willems at IJM

Mieke and Veronik made an installation in the same space I made mine. I didn't mention it before because they kept it a secret on their blog for a while. I think it looked wonderful together. They made a "kijkdoos" with drawings from Charlotte Koopman.
And they had a shop as well. I bought a beautiful pincushion from Renilde. (will show you later)

last picture is made by Anne

Open Days at IJM (2)

In the days before the opening the IJM team worked really hard. I worked for 2 days to make a presentation in one of the rooms of the studio, but the others worked much longer to make the studio look so beautiful during the Open Days.

Among them were: Joeri, Donald, Fedor, ( he makes beautiful hanging plants, I didn't take good pictures of his installation, but have a look at his site) Frank, Astrid, Marleen, Anne, Arden, Elsa, Maki, Marlein, Noortje, (she made the drawing in the last picture) Clyde, Ciara, Monica and many more people.

In another building, next to IJM, students from the Rietveld made a presentation.
And there was a wonderful presentation of the work from Elsa. The space was too dark to take pictures, but you can have a look at her website.

On Friday and Saturday you could eat in the studio. I was there on Friday.
Marlein cooked a wonderful dinner.


open days at IJM!

The Open Days at IJM were wonderful. Will tell you more tomorrow!
Thank you all for your sweet comments and it was very nice to read some of you visited IJM last weekend.
(ckick here to see a previous post about the box)


open days at B29 Studios

And if you are going to visit IJM, you can also pay a visit to B29 Studios. My boyfriend (eb ontwerp) has his atelier in this space. There are many more events in Amsterdam during this weekend. see Inside Design for more information. (could only find it in Dutch)
Inside Design is each year organised by Elle Living.

Made by B29 Studios

Design by Making.
Celebrating the culture of the atelier, "Made by B29" opens its studio doors, presenting new work from 16 independent designers covering product, interior, furniture, exhibition, theatre, textiles and graphic design; photography; styling; journalism and architecture.
Delectable delights will be served daily in the B29 bar/cafe.

Participating designers: Bart Guldemond, Bo Reudler Studio, cc-studio, Dave Keune, eb Ontwerp, Jeanne Tan, Kees Klaassen, Kornum, Neeltje ten Westenend, Raoul Kramer, Roel Huisman, Sara Conen, serge schoemaker architects, Siba Sahabi, Sieger Duinkerken, Skujeniece.

Thursday 23 & Friday 24 September: 11-18:00
Saturday 25 September: 11-15:00


B29 Studios
Krelis Louwenstraat 1
1055KA Amsterdam

Photography+Poster: Raoul Kramer and Sieger Duinkerken

open days at IJM

please click on the image for the invitation with a wonderful short movie.
(IJM studio will be Open to public on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 27th from 10.00 till 19.30. If you happen to be in Amsterdam, please pass by!


ijm, day 8

One more picture...

ijm, day 8

Continued making garlands the next day. It's so nice to make... Each time it was a big surprise for me how it would look like once I finished sawing and I could unfold the garland. Not sure yet how to present everything. But you will see it soon! Next week the Open Day Starts.
In the meantime I'll start making a new serie. Show you pictures next week.

ijm, day 4 and 7

After finishing my small "paintings". (see day 1, 2 and 3 at ijm) I first started to paint a part of the wall in more suitable colours. It was almost mintgreen, a colour that was used as a background for a photoshoot. The colour didn't suit very well with the rest of the space.

From day 5 and 6 I don't have any pictures yet. I made drawings on a panel, but somehow I wasn't satisfied and decided to make something completely different: garlands from paper.
I made all the garlands with the help of a handsaw. I like the garlands as much folded as on a wall.


new in my shop (2)

new in my shop (1)


josh blackwell

Works on paper by Josh Blackwell via c.



Some weeks ago a lady visited our shop. She told me she used to sell all kind of buttons and beads on a small market in Amsterdam. I was very interested in her collection and after that visit she came back to the shop to show me some buttons.
I bought a few and later she invited me at her house to see her whole collection of buttons. It was very nice to visit her at her home.

She had lots of buttons, but in the end I made only a small selection. Shown here are some of the buttons I choose. I like the fabrics and the bee. The last picture shows one glass button and one
from paper, never seen that before.