Open Days at IJM (2)

In the days before the opening the IJM team worked really hard. I worked for 2 days to make a presentation in one of the rooms of the studio, but the others worked much longer to make the studio look so beautiful during the Open Days.

Among them were: Joeri, Donald, Fedor, ( he makes beautiful hanging plants, I didn't take good pictures of his installation, but have a look at his site) Frank, Astrid, Marleen, Anne, Arden, Elsa, Maki, Marlein, Noortje, (she made the drawing in the last picture) Clyde, Ciara, Monica and many more people.

In another building, next to IJM, students from the Rietveld made a presentation.
And there was a wonderful presentation of the work from Elsa. The space was too dark to take pictures, but you can have a look at her website.

On Friday and Saturday you could eat in the studio. I was there on Friday.
Marlein cooked a wonderful dinner.

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  1. Super leuk allemaal! Verkoop je straks ook je werk wat je daar hebt gemaakt? Ik heb er net over gepost!