Beautiful scenes while walking in the dunes near Zandvoort last Friday...


new ceramic brooches

New brooches! This weekend I will update my shop with these...



We have a really nice old linen rack. We borrowed it from Iris and use it to display books and other beautiful things. I like to display my finds from the internet, and to change the composition once in a while.

(picture 2 and 4 show work that I bought from Uguisu)


Uppercase magazine

A while ago I took a subscription on Uppercase Magazine. This Saturday I received my second issue. It made me very happy, it's such a nice magazine. There is a lot to see and read. I also like all the links to blogs and sites with interesting work. So after you have read the magazine you can continue finding beautiful work on the internet.

picture 2: article about Keri Smith
picture 3: article about collections, this one is from Aprile Elcich
picture 4: article about Martin Haake
(these links are very worthwhile visiting!)