Last Sunday I received a really sweet and surprising comment from Ritva. She nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I received one a while ago from Femke, so I decided not to pass it on this time. But instead I want to show you some pictures from Ritva's blog; Lumetta.

Looking at her blog makes me really calm, she has beautiful pictures of snow. The interior of her house is mostly white as well. It looks very delicate, all those different shades of white
I also included a picture of her own work for sale in her online shop. Her work very much resembles her blog, delicate as snow.

Thank you Ritva for your nomination!



A couple of days ago I was reading the blog from Jokemijn. She posted some very nice pictures of facade letters, she found those in a shop in Germany. The site shows other beautiful objects as well. The first three pictures are made by me in Laos. The pile of letters was lying on a rooftop. I assume the holes are for lights. The other 2 pictures are from letters for sale at the shop in Germany.



I'm very happy to tell you, that my work will be for sale at a new Dutch online webshop: Zilu.
Ghazaleh started this website together with her husband. They made a beautiful collection of handmade work. Thank you Ghazaleh for giving me this opportunity!
(you can view the website also in English)

eb Ontwerp

The last couple of weeks I have been making a website for my boyfriend, Erik. I downloaded Indexhibit to have a starting point. It was more difficult than I had expected, but I'm quite satisfied with the result so far. We might change the layout a little in the future.
So please have a look, he makes beautiful furniture. He designs and makes everything himself.
At this very moment he is working in his studio to finish more work. I think at the end of this month there will be more work to see. The name of his website: http://www.ebontwerp.nl/.
By the way the vase is from Mara. I wrote about her a while ago, this vase is made from a mould of a big bobbin. (I hope this is the right translation)


forty-sixth at grace

While waiting for a package to arrive, I had a look at my new feeds. These pictures are from Nikole at forty-six at grace.
I instantly loved the picture with all the "instruments" to make cookies. The other pictures I found here. She will post a button tutorial this thursday. I'm very curious...
It is a nice idea to make cookies in the shape of buttons.

Something else:

Once in a while I treat myself on beautiful things. While looking at blogs, I come across so many nice shops and work from bloggers or small companies.
Today I subscribed myself to the magazine from Uppercase, I can't wait to get my first edition.



Yesterday Mara cooked a delicious meal for me and Sophie. She has a beautiful interior. It's a pity that the quality of the pictures is a bit poor. Next time when I'm there during daytime I'll take new pictures.


I think I saw a picture somewhere, because suddenly I wanted to make pompons. I found really beautiful wool (appleton) in amazing colors. I'm going to use these pompons in jewellery. (will show you the results in a few weeks) And I also like to make small trees. (as seen on the picture)


Happy New Year

I wish you a very happy and lovely New Year! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments this past year. I started this blog in March and I've enjoyed it so much since then. It's been great to meet you and to follow your blogs as well!