Enlightenment, Rotterdam (2)

I'm very happy to take part in this exhibition/ shop. Bonne and I were invited to sell work in the temporary shop. There is also an exhibition. There is too much beautiful work to show you, so I made a small selection.

picture 1: installation " Garden of Delight" by Marieke van der Bruggen. I think it's entirely made of sugar. During the exhibition you can taste the branches and twigs. It looks like a fairytale, very curious how it will look in real.

picture 2: work from Nina Sajet

picture 3: work from Sayaka Yamamoto. I saw her work at the Graduation Show in Eindhoven last year and loved it.. This is new work from her. I think I like it even more than her previous work.

The exhibition is organized by Sophie Duran and Sander van der Poort. I met Sophie yesterday, while bringing my work and the work from Bonne to Rotterdam. It was very nice to meet her, she is so full of energy and she and Sander organized the exhibition very well.
I'll probably be at the opening. Will take pictures to show you how it looked and maybe I'll meet some of you there.

Enlightenment, Rotterdam

An exhibition and shop with young fashion-, jewellery- and product-designers who take the lead in this new age of design. They design with a new view on the world, their own view, their own Intuition.
The Expo//Shop represents:
List of designers:
Amba Molly
Anna ter Haar
BonBon Boutique
Carolina Wilcke
Colette Vermeulen
Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders
David Derksen
Eefiene Bolhuis
Eva Gevaert
Harald den Breejen
Hartog & Henneman
Johanneke van Helden
Joost Jansen
Joost Janszen
Jorine Oosterhoff
Lidewij Corstiaans
Marieke van der Bruggen
Mark van Gennip
Martine Viergever
Zoubida Tulkens & rENs
Natascha Madeiski & Alexander Graef
Niek Pulles
Nina Sajet
Ruby Verhoeven
Sander van der Poort
Sayaka Yamamoto
Sophie de Vocht & Anna van der Lei
Sophie Duran
Studio MHL
Studio Ruig
17h till 21h, Meent 133, Rotterdam, next to Roodkapje
From 30 October till 5 December
Wed till fri 11.00 - 18.00h Sat and Sun 12.00 - 17.00h
Meent 133, Rotterdam
E: info@duranvanderpoort.nl


transfers porcelain

Would have liked to show you my new brooches, but something went wrong with glazing.
So I'll have to start again. It will take some time, since I can't use the oven for a while.
I'll make pictures as soon as they are finished...

Soojin Kang

Found the beautiful and intriguing work from Soojin Kang here .
On her website you can read more about her work.
Below is a quote from her website (especially like the sentence which I marked brown):

"Today's mass-production and the disposable fashion are deeplyproblematic. Current fast changing trends and low price that promote consumers to buy more than they need has pushed people to easily throw away their objects and I believe that this lack of consciousness will increase in the future even more. I am fighting against this epidemic with needles and threads. It is important now that we need to consider our basic needs and what we already possess, and to use these materials wisely and beautifully."

photos by Ania Wawrzkowicz



a weekend in the Veluwe together with my boyfriend....

ceramic transfers

After working for IJM I have been busy making a new series of porcelain brooches and rings.
From these 2 drawings (and other drawings as well) I made transfers. I'll hope to finish the brooches this week. If I do, I'll show you the result!