Istanbul, first impressions

Istanbul was great, lovely people, beautiful surroundings and very good food. We felt very at ease.
I will post more pictures later this week.


Mumbai, drawings

Very nice drawings, used to advertise in Mumbai.
Tomorrow Erik and I will go to Istanbul for a couple of days. I'll post some of our pictures next weekend!



My boyfriend recently started to work in his new studio. He made his own desk (first picture). I like the way it is constructed and the colour he used. The other two pictures are from a bookcase he made for my parents. It consists of three parts, that can be placed in different ways. He is planning to make a new version of this bookcase. He would like to bring it into production.

all pictures taken by erik



These letters were made for a presentation at a fair (concept by Frank), but were never used. But I enjoyed making them.

blue and grey

Today Erik and I went to Haarlem to visit Raoul and Annabelle. Raoul studied in Eindhoven as well and he used to live in the same student house as Erik and Dave.
It was a really nice day. Lucy, a good friend of them, joined us for lunch and afterwards we went to the beach. When it started to rain we went back to Haarlem. I will post some of Raoul's photographs later on this week. He is a very talented photographer.

paper sketches

Some paper sketches I made for Frank. We wanted to use something like this for bed sheets.
But in the end it turned out completely different. (no colour and less abstract)


Laos, fabric

A few years ago I was visiting Laos together with my sister and I found this wonderful fabric. It is an image of the Plain of Jars in Laos. My boyfriend uses it as a protection for his jacket. It hangs close to our living room and I think the fabric looks beautiful like this as well.