happy Christmas

I wish you all a very happy Christmas!


snow (5)

These are the last pictures for now (I promise). I just got very excited yesterday about the snow. (my boyfriend took some of the pictures that are shown as well) It doesn't happen that often in Amsterdam and it might be gone this weekend. It was very nice to take pictures at night. We didn't need a flashlight, the snow gave the needed light.

snow (4)

An adorable big cat and a funny tree...

snow (3)

The vondelpark looked like a fairy tale, there were so many snowmen...

snow (2)

Yesterday evening Erik and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood. Amsterdam looks so beautiful these days.



This morning I went to a small shop nearby to buy some yarns. I found these beautiful (old) yarns made from silk. To me it seems these colors are much more special than the ones from yarn that is made nowadays.


When we woke up this morning, everything outside had turned white during the night. A little boy made these funny snowmen.


a day in Rotterdam

Last Saturday I visited Sophie in Rotterdam. She picked me up from the station and while walking to her house we stopped by for a nice cup of tea at CHEZMo-i at the Nieuwe Binnenweg. There was a selection of books to read at the table, among those there was a cooking book from Sofia Loren ( Cucina con Amore). The pictures of her in this book are wonderful. After having a cup of tea (with some delicious cookies) we had a lovely dinner at Sophie's house. I took some pictures of sketches and maquettes made by her.


Sri Threads

I just stumbled upon this beautiful blog and website via an ambitious project collapsing. Sri is a textile gallery specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles. The work is stunning. Couldn't stop watching. Please have a look at their site, they also sell online!
*click on the images to see the original post


new in my shop

These rings with colorful beads are new in my store.

* Lenneke from www.alittlehamster.com send me a really nice comment a couple of days ago and she posted my work on her beautiful and inspiring blog. (she has a shop as well, love her necklaces and the wonderful packaging)


Op Voorraad

My work will be for sale during Op Voorraad. See this post for more information. This time the work space from Jantje is transformed in a temporary shop. It's a nice place to visit, since it's on a very unusual location in Amsterdam. (red light district)


unfinished pieces (2)

These were the first ceramic pieces I made. They were more irregular than the ones I make now. The branch was used for a paper flower.


studio IJM

Last Wednesday I visited Frank in his studio. He will have a temporary shop in his studio starting from next Wednesday. (during December) Will be great...
He is planning to have a shop more often in his studio. My paper chain necklaces will be for sale as well. I'll post a picture next week. These pictures I took in his studio, everytime there are so many new things and ideas to see...