First Blossom

Mirjam Bleeker took these pictures in the studio from Frank Visser (IJM ). She is an amazing photographer and works quite often with Frank. The idea for this setting is his and he did the styling as well. I made the drawings which were originally used for an exposition in Eindhoven during the Design Week.
Studio IJM among others was invited by Lift-Off to make an installation about our vision about the use and the purpose of a space. Because we liked the installation, Frank decided to make a small serie with it.


flowers and a tree in Mumbai

all photos taken by myself

When I was looking for the pictures of the beautiful Khadi shop in my photo album, I came across these pictures of a tree and flowers. The colours are amazing.
I will be posting more pictures during next week from Mumbai. So I will not forget how inspirational this trip with IJM was.


Wildlife Memories

This book I found some years ago in a bookstore in Berlin. I just love the pictures and the way the animals are portrayed. The photographer is Christina Zuck. The book is called Wildlife Memories and was published in 1997 by the Sprengel Museum in Hannover.


mumbai blossom

And these are the brooches I made from the fabrics from Mumbai...

Mumbai textiles

all photos taken by myself

In February 2008 Frank Visser from IJM invited several of his freelancers to join him on a trip to Mumbai. We got a lot of inspiration and came back with beautiful things.
In the Khadi shop we found lots of beautiful fabrics. The shop consists of small shops. First you choose fabrics and you will get a receipt. After you are finished shopping, you go to a desk to pay all the receipts. You get a stamp on each one of them. At another desk you can collect all your purchases. It is beautifully packed in paper. Almost a pity to unwrap them...



The drawings for these postcards I made sometime ago. Eva van der Schans from Novak did the graphics and made them look beautiful...