First Blossom

Mirjam Bleeker took these pictures in the studio from Frank Visser (IJM ). She is an amazing photographer and works quite often with Frank. The idea for this setting is his and he did the styling as well. I made the drawings which were originally used for an exposition in Eindhoven during the Design Week.
Studio IJM among others was invited by Lift-Off to make an installation about our vision about the use and the purpose of a space. Because we liked the installation, Frank decided to make a small serie with it.


  1. Wow this is fantastic...all this designer mini furniture and accessories...I wish I'd found your blog before!

  2. Thank you Monique for your reply...honestly, I thought they were mini copies of designer furniture...it looks like a doll house...or maybe it's just that in the past 2 months I worked too much on my daughter's doll house.