day one at studio IJM, work

And this is what I made the first day. I made some collages with wallpaper glue. Not sure how we can use it yet, but it's a start. I'll show you my working process in the coming weeks and also pictures of the Open Day in September. Frank is very good in telling visual stories with objects, either handmade or not.

day one at studio IJM, inspiration

It's been more than a year, since I last worked at studio IJM. A few weeks ago Frank asked me, if I wanted to make objects for the upcoming Open Day in September. I thought it would work best for me, if I made all these things in his studio. There are so many nice materials and you can get very easily inspired by all the surrounding colours.

So today I started. First I found myself a nice place to work. Because the studio is always changing for photography, I choose a spot that doesn't change. It's some kind of attic in the studio. Siba used to work there, but she has found a new workspace.

Then I collected some nice materials and colours. While walking in the studio you just don't know where to look, but this attic is very empty, white and light. So I wanted to have some references.

The cat also found me upstairs. It's a very funny cat, always asking for attention. (she has been in many photoshoots)


knotted silk necklace

This necklace will soon be for sale in my bigcartel shop. (need to make better pictures first)
I made this necklace from thin silk thread and a lot of knots... A silver button is used to close the necklace and it is adjustable as well.


beautiful creature

found this insect lying in front of our window, the curls are wonderful



My boyfriend's old teddy-bear. The clothes he made himself when he was a kid, very cute.
The chair he assembled from two old chairs at our house, love the colour.

Rietveld Academy

Loved the work from Sun-Woo Park at the Jewelry Department during the Graduation Show at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. (I hope I credited the right artist for this work, can't find any pictures of her work at the Rietveld site)

the game

This Saturday I watched the big soccer finale at Mara's place. Not on this tiny tv, but on a big screen in the building where Mara has her appartment. After 40 minutes we both got so nervous, that we decided to wait until the match was over on her balcony. We could hear from the shouting of the people who watched how it went. Not so good as it turned out, but there was a big party at the Museumplein in Amsterdam anyway today. Very nice to be there...


Studio Fludd (2)

Couldn't resist to show more work from Studio Fludd...

Studio Fludd

Lately I'm very much into pastels and then I discovered Studio Fludd at a little hamster.
Their work is wonderful and for sale here.



beautiful auction site: Antique Helper