day one at studio IJM, inspiration

It's been more than a year, since I last worked at studio IJM. A few weeks ago Frank asked me, if I wanted to make objects for the upcoming Open Day in September. I thought it would work best for me, if I made all these things in his studio. There are so many nice materials and you can get very easily inspired by all the surrounding colours.

So today I started. First I found myself a nice place to work. Because the studio is always changing for photography, I choose a spot that doesn't change. It's some kind of attic in the studio. Siba used to work there, but she has found a new workspace.

Then I collected some nice materials and colours. While walking in the studio you just don't know where to look, but this attic is very empty, white and light. So I wanted to have some references.

The cat also found me upstairs. It's a very funny cat, always asking for attention. (she has been in many photoshoots)

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