These drawings I made last year after working almost non-stop for Studio IJM. It were two fantastic years, but I felt I wanted to concentrate more on my own work. Around that moment Bonne asked me if I wanted to share a studio with her. It was an amazing opportunity, I learnt so much in this past year. I'm so happy Bonne asked me.... I did a few small projects for Studio IJM after starting with my own work again, but not as intense as I used to do. Sometimes I still miss it.

Some of these drawings I used for postcards. I'm not sure yet if I want to use them for something different. They are made from paper (vloeipapier in Dutch = tissuepaper, thank you Mady), wallpaper glue and paint.


new photography idea

Last week I was working on new drawings for my porcelain brooches. it didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but I was very happy to get a better idea how I would like to photograph my work. The top picture isn't good yet, clothes can be better and maybe the drawing as well.
(although I don't want to make perfect drawings, rough sketches work much better for me) I was inspired by IJM and also by the catalog (2009) from Mina Perhonen.
I hope to show you the finished pictures next month!


catalog mina perhonen now at uguisu

When Mara, Sophie and I visited the exhibition from Mina Perhonen we all fell in love with his designs. We very much wanted to have the catalog, but it isn't for sale in the Netherlands.
To my surprise I saw that Hiki from my favourite online shop is selling the new catalog.
I immediately ordered one, can't hardly wait to receive it. I choose some pictures from her blog and shop. (she sells very nice other things as well)

Mina Perhonen, Textile museum Tilburg

A week ago I went to Tilburg together with Sophie and Mara to see the exhibition from minä perhonen in the textile museum. It was such a wonderful exhibition. Pity we weren't allowed to take pictures, I could have taken hundreds...
I had seen many of the patterns online, but to see them in real was fantastic. Textiles as well as clothing were shown. And there was a presentation of sketches. In those examples a pattern was first drawn by hand or made with pieces of torn paper. The final piece of textile had the same subtile details. It gave me lots of new ideas, next week I will be making new sketches for my porcelain brooches. I'll post some if they are ready.

pictures from a garland made by Wieki Somers for the Textile Museum, the chairs were designed and made by Bertjan Pot.


porcelain brooches

I'm very happy, that my first handmade brooches from porcelain are finished.
brooch 1(from top): a relief from a handmade drawing, only the drawing is glazed
brooch 2: a glazed brooch with a transfer (I made a picture from this fabric)
brooch 3: with a special pencil I made drawings on porcelain, glazed it and then baked it again
brooch 4: a glazed brooch with a transfer from one of my own drawings
brooch 5: same as brooch 4

Hope to add some of these brooches to my Bigcartel store soon!