porcelain brooches

I'm very happy, that my first handmade brooches from porcelain are finished.
brooch 1(from top): a relief from a handmade drawing, only the drawing is glazed
brooch 2: a glazed brooch with a transfer (I made a picture from this fabric)
brooch 3: with a special pencil I made drawings on porcelain, glazed it and then baked it again
brooch 4: a glazed brooch with a transfer from one of my own drawings
brooch 5: same as brooch 4

Hope to add some of these brooches to my Bigcartel store soon!


  1. Wauw! I love them, especially the 4th one!

  2. I ADORE the second one! What beautiful creations Monique!
    and thank you for your order at my shop, i was meaning to email you to let you know the arrival of the new mina catalogue, but i'm so glad you found it!!!! I hope it gets to you quickly!

  3. these are so lovely.
    thank you for your comment on my drawing of Tonka. i'm so happy to discover YOU! :D

  4. These are wonderful, especially the little trees.