catalog mina perhonen now at uguisu

When Mara, Sophie and I visited the exhibition from Mina Perhonen we all fell in love with his designs. We very much wanted to have the catalog, but it isn't for sale in the Netherlands.
To my surprise I saw that Hiki from my favourite online shop is selling the new catalog.
I immediately ordered one, can't hardly wait to receive it. I choose some pictures from her blog and shop. (she sells very nice other things as well)


  1. It seems a really nice catalog, simple and elegant.

  2. Ugh, I felt the same at the exhibition! No Fotos, and even worse, not allowed to touch the clothes. Difficult, because every single piece seem to have a hidden secret. Another nice fabric inside or a embroidery... Isn't there a shop in Amsterdam (Tamago) where you can see them in real?? Anyway. Very good exhibition and a great museum shop as well.

  3. oh thank you for the mention Monique!!! I'm so glad it got to you quick and you could get it while wanting it so much!!!! That exhibition looked really good, you were lucky to have been able to go there ;)

  4. oh, ik zal snel moeten zijn, nog tot eind februari dacht ik, of anders wordt het een cataloog! :) mooie post