Soojin Kang

Found the beautiful and intriguing work from Soojin Kang here .
On her website you can read more about her work.
Below is a quote from her website (especially like the sentence which I marked brown):

"Today's mass-production and the disposable fashion are deeplyproblematic. Current fast changing trends and low price that promote consumers to buy more than they need has pushed people to easily throw away their objects and I believe that this lack of consciousness will increase in the future even more. I am fighting against this epidemic with needles and threads. It is important now that we need to consider our basic needs and what we already possess, and to use these materials wisely and beautifully."

photos by Ania Wawrzkowicz

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  1. Wow I love the colours and suede texture...want!!!! YOu have such amazing things on your blog-always a delight visiting!