Kreativ Blogger Award

I was very happy to read that Femke from Hééérlijk! gave me this award. Thank you, I feel honoured! Together with her soon to be husband Eddy, Femke has a wonderful food company. I admire their enthusiasm and energy.
As I accept this award, I must list 7 things I love and then pass this award along to 7 other well deserving and kreativ bloggers and leave a message on their blogs to let them know they are awarded.
Things I love:
1. our tiny house and our lovely neighbours
2. hearing my boyfriend laugh about something funny
3. trying out new recipes, I love to cook, but there is still a lot to improve. (somehow my favourite food: desserts, are always a disaster)
4. looking at wonderful flowers in stunning colours
5. cycling in autumn, when leaves are circling around you
6. to surround myself with beautiful textile, paper, stationary as inspiration for my work
7. to be in the studio I share with Bonne. I'm so happy she asked me a year ago to share this space with her. It helped me so much with creating new jewelry.
7 Kreativ Blogs that I would like to award and I think some of them have been receiving this award before..
for making beautiful work and having a wonderful webshop
I love her jewerly pieces and she has a lovely new born son
her blog has a beautiful lay-out and the work she shows is very inspirational.
and have a look at her own very delicate work.
Sophie just started blogging, I like to read her observations about art
I love looking at her photographs and she makes stunning drawings. (have a look at her shop)
Hiki has a great webshop (and webshop blog) as well. I'm totally hooked. I recently bought many beautiful items, they make great gifts as well.
I discovered their shop last year, when I visited Antwerp with my boyfriend. I liked everything. The products they sell and also the interior. I go back each time I visit Antwerp.
Hope you like being awarded!


  1. Hi Monique,

    Jammer dat we je niet hebben gezien!
    Het was erg rustig. De volgende keer proef je gewoon een lekkere scone!

    Fijne dag
    Groetjes Femke

  2. dank je wel monique, heel lief van je. i will get onto it soon! take care.
    van mij ook een fijne dag toegewenst.


  3. Bedankt! Ik ga er gauw mee aan de slag. Groetjes,