eb Ontwerp

The last couple of weeks I have been making a website for my boyfriend, Erik. I downloaded Indexhibit to have a starting point. It was more difficult than I had expected, but I'm quite satisfied with the result so far. We might change the layout a little in the future.
So please have a look, he makes beautiful furniture. He designs and makes everything himself.
At this very moment he is working in his studio to finish more work. I think at the end of this month there will be more work to see. The name of his website: http://www.ebontwerp.nl/.
By the way the vase is from Mara. I wrote about her a while ago, this vase is made from a mould of a big bobbin. (I hope this is the right translation)


  1. nice website monique! and beautiful work erik - gorgeous materials, craftsmanship and detailing. <3

  2. that stool is perfect - ill go over and have a look now:)