A couple of days ago I was reading the blog from Jokemijn. She posted some very nice pictures of facade letters, she found those in a shop in Germany. The site shows other beautiful objects as well. The first three pictures are made by me in Laos. The pile of letters was lying on a rooftop. I assume the holes are for lights. The other 2 pictures are from letters for sale at the shop in Germany.


  1. die letters uit laos zijn super! Die gaatjes geven het nog een extra leuk effect. Benieuwd hoe het er met lampjes moet uitgezien hebben.

  2. i´m crazy about letters. always nice to see different ones- thanks.
    like your blog a lot-
    that´s why i nominated you for Creative Award :)
    if you have time have a look at my place.

  3. thank you for your answer!
    no wonder you already have got it.
    have a nice week and
    continue to carry out this beautiful work!