Enlightenment, opening

Had a very nice evening in Rotterdam last Saturday. First we went to the opening of Enlightenment. It was smaller than I imagined, but I liked the work very much. It was difficult to take pictures, because of the artficial lightning. So I'll only show you a few. (I thought there would be a big installation from sugar branches, but I must have misunderstood, though you could buy branches, which looked beautiful in sugar)
After this opening we went to the studio of Bas to have a drink. I'll show you in my next post.

picture 1: Marieke van der Bruggen
picture 2: Ontwerpduo
picture 3: Natascha Madeiski and Alexander Graef


  1. Mooi zeg die witte huisjes!
    Die Kanarie tentoonstelling is helaas al afgelopen! :)

  2. Gisteren met Sophia geweest en zag er heel mooi uit allemaal! Schattig pandje ook! Weet je al of je je IJm schilderijtjes gaat verkopen? Mijn b-dau komt dichtbij ;-)