Impressions of Eindhoven, Onomatopee (1)

Last Friday we went to Eindhoven, to the Dutch Design Week. There was so much to see, so we made a selection. Over the years this event really changed. It started with the Graduation Show from the Design Academy. At first the presentation was in Amsterdam, but when they started showing the graduation in Eindhoven, many other designers were opening their ateliers to show work. Now it is a big event. I really hope that Eindhoven will cherish it's old industrial buildings. That makes the city so interesting. I enjoyed seeing all kinds of work, but I loved visiting those old buildings the most. I think the combination of design and nostalgia makes it work.
I will be showing you work from the DDW in the next posts and days.

Starting with Onomatopee. I'm not really good in explaining what Onomatopee does, so please have a look at their site. They publish very interesting and beautifully designed books.
They had a presentation in two different spaces. We first went to their office space, where Sophie was preparing her project Field Essays. Later that day she gave a lecture.
At the office there was a small exhibition, a table with publications and a temporary cafe.
After drinking some tea together with Sophie, we went to another space, not far from their office. will tell you more in my next post

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