Drenthe (1)

Somehow I forgot about these pictures. In October my boyfriend and I went to visit his two aunts, sisters from his mother. H. lives with her husband in Kibbelveen, in an old farm, where she and her sisters grew up. They breed horses.
Sister A. lives with her husband on an old farm in Nieuw- Zwinderen, that belonged to his family. It was a very nice day. We see them during birthdays, but we very much enjoyed seeing them at their own houses. These farms have a lot of charm. I took many pictures. The weather wasn't that great, lots of rain, so some pictures turned out a bit too dark. But I also like that, makes it even more nostalgic. In the last picture you see some of the trophees their horses won, the cupboard with all the cups was too blurry to show.

Wish you a happy Christmas and lots of fun this weekend!