Before I went on a short holiday to Detroit I received this wonderful package from Christine.
She wrote me an e-mail sometime ago, we met in Rotterdam at the Swanmarket and stayed in touch since.

Christine/ twinklebird has a small studio in Culemborg. She makes very delicate jewelry.

It's all made by hand from silver or gold. I think it's pretty amazing she made the hare (and other animals) by hand out of wax. It's something I couldn't do myself, it's very precise work and beautifully done.

I'm very happy we exchanged jewelry. I got this lovely ring with a hare. Love wearing this ring. Here you can see what she got from me.


  1. Hé, weer terug? Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Van je plafond aldaar, maar ook van je haasje-ring! Dank voor deze mooie blogpost!