Detroit, estate sale (1)

In Detroit there are a lot estate sales, often from people who can't afford their houses anymore. I went together with Iris to an estate sale from an old lady that passed away. (I think at the age of 85) It was strange to be able to see and buy everything in the house, but it was good to know it wasn't the house of somebody who had to sell everything involuntary. I think that would have felt more awkward. The house looked very messy, but that was mainly because the people who organised this sale took everything out of the cupboards. The owner used to work as an archivist. She was very tidy. I found two wooden handmade boats with handwritten stickers when they were made. I also found an old piece of lace with several notes attached to it; where the lace came from, where it was used for later and even what a family member said about it. I think this gives you an idea how organised she was. The house itself was quite old to Detroit standards. I think it hadn't changed all these years, even in the rooms from her sons you could still feel how it must have looked in their youth.

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