paper chain

These paperchains can be worn as necklaces. Today I made some more in different colour combinations, will show those another time. It's so rainy outside, I can't take good pictures now.


  1. i love these so much! colours are really pretty and wonderful!

    also, thank you so much for the award! i just did a post on it :)

  2. Hé Monique, fijn om je te leren kennen, vind je juwelen heel erg mooi, kende je blog nog niet!

  3. ziet er heel goed uit! mooie blog! mooi werk! tuurlijk herinner ik je, het was een memorabele dag in de winkel :)

  4. hi monique!

    i was happy to hear that you got the package. i'm always a little worried that the package might get lost.

    these necklaces are really beautiful. really like the colours of them too.

    i hope that you have a merry christmas and sweet holiday days!