Het Domijn, Idiots

Yesterday Erik and I visited Afke and Floris at Het Domijn in Weesp. They just moved in a very beautiful atelier. (Floris worked very hard the last couple of months to renovate it)
Het Domijn is a location in Weesp, where a lot of artists have their studios. There are painters, but also a lot of artists work for theaterproductions. For instance there is a company, which rents oldtimers to filmmakers. Yesterday it was open for public, you could sit and drink something and listen to nice music and you could visit all the studios.
Afke and Floris made a small presentation of their work. I took some pictures. They work a lot with stuffed animals, which died of natural causes. (just to let you know)
I very much like the stories Afke and Floris tell in their work.

(in the next two posts I will be showing some other impressions of Het Domijn)

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