twin apple

Some weeks ago my boyfriend worked together with Katja Gruijters on a project.
"Katja Gruijters is a food professional. She designs products, spots consumer trends and develops concepts for companies around human desires." She has very interesting ideas.
She did a project about refused fruits and vegetables. Here you can see and read (in Dutch) more about this project.
The apple on the pictures she gave to my boyfriend. I think it would be very nice to be able to buy this in supermarkets.


  1. it's amazing how we are not used anymore to nature's beautiful freak creations!
    supermarket "mass culture" makes everything look homogeneous, bland and tasteless, you don't realize until you taste something from the plant!
    interesting post, thanks!

  2. i love that idea ... i'm allways thrilled to bits when i find a freak in my bag of sweets ;)
    and in the organic grocery store you still can be in luck to find a nice fruit or vegetable-freak ...

    thank you for sharing!

  3. it would be nice to share this apple with someone ;-) you could take bites at the same time!

  4. cute... and what a lovely little noices. glad you liked the post- your work is absolutly gorgeous. i hope to meet you when i am in holland next month- i try to drop in your studio. xxx

  5. i just realised the lovely little noises came from another site wich was up (little cow bells), i was thinking it had something to do with your zandfoort post. x ps i am going to order something soon from you!

  6. I've never seen an apple like that before. A siamese twin apple.