Curacao, shades of white

It's been a while since my last post, but that's because I just returned from a wonderful trip to Curacao, together with my boyfriend and his family.
The island was very wet, and although we had beautiful weather sometimes, it also rained a lot.
Probably still because of the hurricane Tomas. For Curacao the weather was extraordinary.
But luckily for us it didn't rain all day, so we could often relax at the beach (with big turtles swimming in the sea) and we made daytrips.

Each house is painted in bright colours, you hardly see white. So I thought it would be nice to start with these pictures. More pictures are coming soon.

(and I got some sad news while on holiday, there was a burglary in our shop. They stole a lot of jewelry from Bonne and me. I was very happy that Bonne took care of everything. We also got a letter saying the whole building, including our space will be sold in January. So we have to leave our tiny little shop. We both think something good will come out of this, we both wanted a bigger studio, so maybe it was time anyway for new plans. I'll keep you updated.)


  1. don't mind being in a rainy curacoa, beautifull pictures!

  2. I like your positive attitude, I'm sure you will come out with some beautiful new ideas and space.
    It's good you were on holiday in such nice place meanwhile...

  3. Wat vervelend van de diefstal!

    De beelden zijn erg mooi. En er komt zeker een mooie studio op jullie pad.